Herb Hikes & Workshops

Date: from 25 July 2015 to December 2016 
Time: Saturday 9 resp. 10 a.m. and Friday 5 p.m.
Location: Meeting place based on event location: details provided upon registration 

Herbs are very much "jacks of all trades". They heal, strengthen, and taste wonderful. The knowledge surrounding herbs, both traditional and new, is a valuable treasure trove just waiting to be discovered. Earlier, recipes for healthful dishes and beneficial essences were passed down from one generation to the next. Today, expert herbalists help ensure that this knowledge is never lost.Each plant has its own story to tell - and what exciting stories they are!

Dates for Guided Tours & Workshops (all GER)

What herb has what effects? When should it be picked, and when enjoyed? Out on hikes to Bergheim's most beautiful natural places, herb educators - all of whom are members of the "Herb Snails" association and certified by the Salzburg Agricultural Further Education Institute - share their knowledge about wild herbs that grow practically everywhere.

Saturday, 05.03.2016Doris Kittl10a.m.EUR 20,-Cleanse and detoxify your body with native wild herbs
18.03. 2016
Resy Strasser5p.m.EUR
Celebrate Easter with native herbs (dye eggs, bind Palm Bushes, cook and bake)
Saturday, 02.04.2016Bernadette Schwarz10a.m.EUR
Herb Tour - the first herbs of springtime
Saturday, 16.04.2016Veronika Hackl2p.m.EUR
All-about wild garlic, plus cook and taste "9-Herb Soup"
Saturday, 30.04.2016Resy Strasser10a.m.EUR
Herb Tour - wild herbs for your daily meal plan
Saturday, 21.05.2016Inge Steger10a.m.EUR
Herbal Chi Gong (herb tour with exercises focused on individual organs)
Saturday, 04.06.2016Inge Wretschnig10a.m.EUR
Herb Tour - information about herbs used to create green drinks, includes tasting
Saturday, 18.06.2016Josef Hutzinger& friends10a.m.EUR
Visit to, and complete information about bees - apiary  with bee hut, hives and products (honey, wax, propolis, etc.)
Saturday, 09.07.2016Johanna Wuppinger10a.m.EUR
Herb Tour - First aid on the trail's edge
Saturday, 16.07.2016Veronika Hackl10a.m.EUR
Herb hike for children, how to make herbal vinegar
Saturday, 23.07.2016Inge Wretschnig10a.m.EUR
Herb Tour - collect, harvest use
Saturday, 30.07.2016Silja Parke10a.m.EUR
Herb Tour - collect, harvest, use
Saturday, 06.08.2016Silja Parke10a.m.EUR 10,-Herb Tour - collect, harvest use
Saturday, 13.08.2016Inge Wretschnig10a.m.EUR
Bind herb bouquets
Saturday, 20.08.2016Isabell Resch10a.m.EUR
Herb Tour - collect, harvest use
Saturday, 27.08.2016Isabell Resch10a.m.10,-Herb hike for children & product creation
Saturday, 03.09.2016Sandra Leis10a.m.EUR
Herb workshop hydrolates
Saturday, 10.09.2016Doris Kittl10a.m.EUR 20,-Make your own natural cosmetics: body lotion, body cream, body peeling and facial tonic
Saturday, 17.09.2016Johanna Wuppinger10a.m.EUR
Herb walk and workshop focused on the benefits of our local trees
Saturday, 01.10.2016Resy Strasser10a.m.EUR
Cooking with wild herbs
Saturday, 22.10.2016Doris Kittl10a.m.EUR
Home remedies: plants, roots & body wraps
Saturday, 05.11.2016Christine Seiler10a.m.EUR 20.-Bread baking
Saturday, 12.11.2016Resy Strasser10a.m.EUR
Bread baking
Saturday, 19.11.2016Barbara Züger10a.m.EUR
Cookie baking with wild herbs and berries
Saturday, 26.11.2016Johanna Wuppinger10a.m.EUR
Create incense with native herbs

All prices are per person/tour and incl. materials as needed.
Sign-up is possible immediately through Bergheim Tourist Office at T +43 662 454505 or send an email to info@bergheim-tourismus.at