Big Bike Tours

Tauern Bike Tour

At the point where the highest waterfalls in Central Europe - Krimml Waterfalls - plunge thunderously into the depths below, you will discover the starting point of the Tauern Bike Tour, one of the most popular long-distance bike tours in Austria.

Distance: 270 km (Tauern Bike Tour) or 310 km (Krimml – Passau)
Route Description: generally downhill, very few climbs, about 70% of the route is paved, 90% on bike paths or side roads with minimal traffic.
Suitable for: touring and trekking bikes, mountain bikers have additional alpine detours available to them. Ideal for families: the variant leading through Saalach river valley.
Tauern Bike Tour

Mozart Bike Tour

In and around Salzburg, through the magnificent lake country of Austria and Bavaria. A mosaic of locations documented to have a connection with Mozart, all just waiting for you! 

Distance: 410 km
Route: 90% on bike paths and low-traffic side roads, generally paved.
Elevation Change: 1400 vm in total, We recommend riding this tour in a counter-clockwise direction!
Mozart Bike Tour (German)

Salzkammergut Bike Path

Passing by clear lakes amid picturesque mountain scenery, ambitious cyclists in the Salzkammergut are greeted by a superlative tour through 3 different provinces.

Distance: ca. 352 km
Route: tour from lake to lake  
Elevation change: 811 vm
Salzkammergut Bike Path (German)