Bike Tours close to Bergheim

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Big Salzburg City Tour

A flat bike tour for the whole family via bike paths in and around the provincial capital. Almost half of the route runs next to the Salzach and Saalach Rivers. 
A tour which takes you past the Salzachsee, through the communities of Käferheim, Walserberg and Fürstenbrunn, in the direction of the Untersberg. After visiting Hellbrunn Palace, you will ride back through the Old City of Salzburg to Bergheim.

Distance: 42,3 km
Time: 3 hrs.
Elevation Change: 60 m
Sights: Hellbrunn zoo and palace, Salzburg’s Old City (World Cultural Heritage site)
Maps: Kompass-Map "Salzburg und Umgebung"

Bergheim - Oberndorf - Rupertiwinkel

A pleasant, family-friendly tour, mostly on bike paths alongside the Salzach and Saalach. In Oberndorf, you cross the Salzach bridge to Laufen. This bridge is one of the most beautiful in Austria and was constructed at the turn of the last century. This bridge takes you to the now Bavarian town of Laufen (a Salzburg community until 1816), whose picturesque Old Town is definitely well worth a visit.

Distance: 41,1 km 
Time: 3 hr.
Elevation Change: 130 m
Sights: Silent Night Museum, Silent Niht Memorial Chapel
Maps: Kompass Map "Salzburg und Umgebung"

From Bergheim to Obertrum

The Alpine Foothills in Salzburg’s Flachgau region are the work of the Ice Age and the Salzach Glacier. The glacier pushed its tongue out into the plain, creating in the process the basins for those lakes which make today’s Salzburg such a paradise for bathers. This tour takes you into the very heart of this idyll, while also allowing you to combine a leisurely bike ride with some swimming and fun on the shores of the Obertrumer See. On especially festive occasions, beer from the Sigl brewery - rather than water - flows from the village fountain in Obertrum.

Distance: 41,8 km
Time: 2 hr. 35 min.
Elevation Change: 330 m
On especially festive occasions, beer from the Sigl brewery flows from the village fountain in Obertrum; Observatory at Voggenberg
Maps: Kompass Map "Salzburg und Umgebung"

Big Gaisberg Tour

The old Ischl railway line serves as a perfect warm-up for this challenging tour. From Thalgau on, the route is continuously up- and downhill, making its way via Hof to the Wiestal and via Hinterwinkl to Elsbethen. Along the so-called “Mill Path” at the Plötz Natural Monument in Ebenau, you can gaze on an array of restored farm mills. And be sure to visit the geology trail at Glasenbach Gorge in Elsbethen.

Distance: 59,3 km
Time: 4 hrs.
Elevation Change: 700 m
Old restored farm mills at the Plötz Natural Monument in Ebenau, geology trail in Glasenbach Gorge, Elsbethen
Maps: Kompass Map "Salzburg und Umgebung"

Over the Heuberg

This tour is spiced with all the ingredients for a short, sharp bike tour: 
a quick climb to the Dax Lueg, then along a gravel path to the Heuberg, followed by a narrow passage through forest (watch out for roots), paved descent from Schwaighofen, concluding with some leisurely free-wheeling from Eugendorf to Bergheim.

Distance: 31,7 km 
Time: 3 hrs
Elevation Change: 470 m
Attraction: Views of Salzburg
Maps: Kompass Map "Salzburg und Umgebung"

Around the Mühlstein, Mountain Biking Tour

Definitely a cool tip on hot summer days! Even in summertime temperatures, Glasenbach Gorge guarantees a pleasant climate. The path through the gorge (which you can only ride in an uphill direction) is an ideal first test for rookie mountain bikers.

You should also know: From the Rechenwirt in Elsbethen, you can set out on numerous bike tours to Salzburg's popular local mountains.

Distance: 38.6 km 
Time: 3 hours
Elevation change: 390 m
Attractions: Geological theme path through Glasenbach Gorge along with the "Dry Gorge" in Elsbethen
Maps: Kompass Map "Salzburg und Umgebung"

From Bergheim to Wallersee

On your way to lake Wallersee via very nicely maintained side roads and bike paths, you will have a few hills to deal with.
After Eugendorf, with continual up- and downhills to contend with you will continue in the direction of the swimming beach in Seekirchen. In nice weather, this is the perfect place to stop, relax and take a refreshing dip in the water.

Distance: 40.5 km 
Time: 3 hours
Elevation change: 410 m
Attractions: Heritage Museum at Schloss Seeburg
Maps: Kompass Map "Salzburg und Umgebung"