Fast, tactical team sport that's all about team spirit, skill and communication:

Participants play paintball on a designated area that's enclosed by fine netting. Out on the course itself are various obstacles and barricades. In addition, there are two different starting positions across from one another, with each displaying a flag.

Out on the course, two teams with equal numbers of members go head-to-head. The goal of both teams is to set out from their own home position and enter "enemy territory" in order to capture the flag, which they must then return to their own starting position. If a team manages to do that within the time limit, that team has won the game.
For the duration of the game, all players are equipped with a marker gun, with which it is possible to shoot off paintballs: If a player is hit by a paintball, he is immediately out of the game and has to leave the field of play. It doesn't matter if the paintball hits the body or part of the equipment.

Available for rent: paintball markers, protective gear incl. overalls.
Pros are always on-site to provide basic instruction to beginners.
(The paintball center is located on the grounds of Bergheim Tennis Camp.)