Bergheim Parish Church

The Parish & Deanery Church is consecrated to St. George. Originally a Gothic structure and first chronicled in the year 927, it was later remodeled by Mathias K├Âllensperger in the late 17th cent. in the style of the Early Baroque. Characteristic of this era is the arrangement and shape of the windows, which allows for even lighting throughout the interior.

The patron saint of the church, St. George, is depicted in the altar painting engaged in a tempestuous struggle with a dragon. Standing to the right and left of this are resplendent golden figures of saints. The parish church's Gothic tower added a new bell loft, designed according to plans by Wolfgang Hagenauer, in 1797/98.

The church is a single-aisle hall structure, whose nave includes four bays. The somewhat protruding altar space features a rounded apsis. The strikingly narrow bays of the nave are delineated by pilasters. The bell loft, organ and inner rooms underwent complete renovation in 2005 and 2006.

Worship Services in Bergheim

Evening mass (winter time)
Evening mass (summer time)
Parish service
Parish service
Rosary (winter time)
Parish service
Rosary (summer time)
Parish service
July + August
no rosary and parish service
Thursday16:00 Parish service
at St. George's Senior Citizens' Home
Friday07:30Parish service