The Kalvarienberg in Maria Plain (built in the 17th cent.) presents the passion of Jesus Christ in the form of life-size statues of the crucifixion scene. Beginning on the Plainstrasse in Salzburg City, 15 stone altars provide direction to the ultimate destination on the hills just below the pilgrimage basilica. 

The depiction follows the 5 laws of the "Sorrowful Rosary" and consists of a gravel path with stairs in between, and four chapels alongside the path on the southern hillside of the Plainberg, ultimately leading to a roofed scene of the crucifixion.

The exposed location on the Plainberg is visible from far away, both from Salzburg City as well as Southern Bavaria. Together with Maria Plain Pilgrimage Basilica, one of the most-visited pilgrimage churches in Central Europe, the Kalvarienberg is part of a unique baroque ensemble.