Guided Lantern Walk "Silent Night"

For those who prefer to enjoy the experience independently: You will find all the details of this and other walking trails in the folding map "Motion Arena Bergheim" (view / order online) - available at Bergheim Tourist Office.



Date: every Saturday between 24.11.2018 and 12.01.2019
Time: 5 p.m.
Prices: EUR 12 adult, EUR 8 child (under 18)
Meeting place: public car park below Gasthof Plainlinde

Silent Night "literally"
Every Saturday at 5 p.m. lanterns will be handed out to participants at the meeting place below Maria Plain pilgrimage basilica. Then, a short thought-provoking story will be read out loud before silently beginning the walk on the Plainberg.
At the end of the guided lantern walk, participants can either visit Maria Plain pilgrimage basilica, sing a short Advent song with kindred spirits or simply allow the sight of the sea of lights from Salzburg City to work its magic on them for a few moments.
And if, after this extended walk, you develop an appetite for a delectable dessert, a hot drink or perhaps even more, you will have ample opportunity right there.